“Friend is name of God that is always with you, it is a name of hope ,its field of love.”

We all have our own definition of who a friend is to us, each one varying from the other and each one defining another. Fortunately within all that confusion of our definitions we always end up to the same meanings that you can find in Quora.

Here is my personal view of the word F.R.I.E.N.D refereing to this centur’s meaning.

  • Fight For You

A person willing to stand by you as your knight through the challanges you face in life without giving up or asking for something in return is one quality of a friend. It is not easy, especially if you are caught up in your own world of challanges that you face everyday, but through all that you are able to sacrifice for someone or have someone sacrifice for you their time and value for a cause that is yours is a true definition of friendship.

  • Respect You

RESPECT is not only given it is earned. If a person gives it to you means you are on a quality that is so close to each other that it amazes that person.

We all make mistakes, mess up, get lost but through all that there is one person that will never disvalue you for what you have been/going through, they just take you for who you are and give you value but also embrase your faults.

“Respect commands itself and it can neither be given nor withheld when it is due.”

-Eldridge Cleaver

  • Include You

Have you ever been to present in a conversation, action or party even if you are not physicially there?! Yet you know every detail like you were there for not exact reason.

Well that the experience on being included, you are a part of something whether you like it or not you. There is always a sit for you in a room tht you are not in. You are valued most even if you don’t know so.

  • Encourage You

There is no greater feeling on this earth that the moment you have crumbled, fallen or slipped badly and then you hear the words “it’s alright, we all mess up, it happens, you will be fine and be the version of yourself.”

Those words mean more than anything, but only a true friend will tell you those words because they know what you have been through amd are sure that they want you to be all better and grown.

“The best version of ourselves are encouraged and bought to light by the ones we care for most deply because the see in us what we could not see in ourselves”

  • Need You

We are humans and with all we have we love getting our attention. Trust me, it is never easy to need someone. Infact I can honestly say it is one of the most difficult things we can acquire.

But through all that once you are in trouble and your heart aches for that one person(or more) to hear you, where you can confide yourself and honestly open up, where you can let it all go and be at ease without a doubt of judgement or fear then thats where you have found a friend for you.

  • Deserve You.

You are a special kind of being so is everyone in this world that is why we all have a different pattern in our DNA, but with all that there is a person or people that we will always be there for any place, any time for any reason better it be good I say or maybe just a weird one.

Once you see that you can part your time and attention for someone through something with out expecting anything in return then thats purest form of friendship.

  • Stand By You.

Hunter Hayes said

“ I get lost sometimes, like everybody else,
Lose track of my lifelines, lose track of myself
And there’s all kinds of reasons to be scared and run away…

It’s a sunrise from a lonely night
Like a smile in a strangers eyes
It’s the moments that save my life,
Nobody knows about like flashlights
There’s just enough hope when it shines,
To go one scared step at a time
When the world’s too dark I find, your flashlight

And thats is all I can say by a person standing by me as a good friend.

Whethere it be your dad,mom,brother, sister or just a crazy old by stranger that has this qualities that one hella of a friend you have.

So, friend means a person who is only for you.

Friend means : first relation in earth which never die.

I love seen the world as a child with a lot of possibilities and the ability to get whatever you want. I have a simple rule of the world "Live. Love. Laugh."